Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly can you design?

Branding and rebranding, logos, business cards, websites, brochures, advertisements, social media images and plenty more! Really, I can create any printed or digital design material that you need.

Can we work together if I’m not in Byron Bay?

For sure! Fortunately distance is not  a barrier in graphic design projects. I have been successfully working with people from many places around the world.

Do you work on small projects?

I’m happy to work on small projects, however I suggest you to contact me once you have at least two or three items. That way we can work out a package that is more cost-effective.

How long will the whole process take?

Same as the cost, time frames will be different for every project. Creative process times can vary depending on my current workload, client response and project requirements. If required, last minute services are available at a higher cost. To ensure that you have a positive experience, I will set up a schedule for both of us to follow during the period we’re working together.

How long until you can start on my project?

Sometimes I can start straight away, but all comes down to my availability at the moment. I carefully organise my schedule in order to meet all time frames. I usually work with three to five clients a month, depending on each project.

How much do you charge?

Costs will change depending on each project. First, we will speak about your business philosophy and goals. After that I will have a clear understanding of what are your needs and I will send you a detailed quote.

What payment options are available?

I take bank deposits or cash. Each project usually have 2 payment parts so we’ll find a payment system that suits best both of us.

Will I be able to keep updating a website you create for me?

Yes. I usually create websites using WordPress, which is a powerful and totally customizable system that allows the user to easily edit text and images. You will be able to maintain an ever changing website, including news and blog sections if you wish.

Is the first deposit refundable?

Once you make the first deposit, your project will be guaranteed a time frame in my schedule and you can have total peace of mind that your project will get the attention your business deserves. However, If you decide not to go ahead with your project, that will leave a gap on my schedule that could be filled by another client, and in this case your deposit is non-refundable.

I’m ready! What’s the next step?

Awesome! You can start brainstorming your ideas in a piece of paper or notebook. Whether your project is a website, branding or advertisement, begin to write ideas which define your business (or what you want your business to be). Also, select reference images for inspiration and make a list of items that you need help with. Your collaboration is essential for a plentiful creative process.

You can have a better idea of a design project’s flow by checking out the process below.

Have other questions? As each project is unique, there are a lot of information that I haven’t covered here.
Email me anytime. I’ll be happy to help you with whatever questions you have.

About the process

1. Step in

The project starts after your initial enquiry. We’ll then get together through Skype, phone call or we can go for a coffee and talk about your project. We’ll talk about your business and goals and what you have in mind regarding your branding. This first chat will give me the chance to list the works you need, and will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions. This first step is to actually get to know each other and make sure we’ll be a good team.

2. Let’s do it!

Once we’ve decided to go ahead, I’ll send you a formal proposal including a quote for you to read through. If everything looks good, I’ll ask you to sign, scan and email it back to me. I’ll also ask you to complete the first invoice for the project and then I’ll put together a schedule of how the project will be handled, including delivery dates and due dates for your ‘homework’. This will allow us to keep on top of everything.

3. Plenty of style

At this point I typically send over a questionnaire for you to complete. It’s all about getting as much information as I can to get started with the project. The questionnaire will clarify what your objectives are and what you’re wanting to achieve. I’ll then ask you to put together a ‘virtual board’ (through Pinterest or simply send by email) of every image that inspires you with this project. After I analyze your answers and you send me your inspirational board, I’ll put together a branding board as a foundation for the project. The board includes some style inspiration, a colour palette and typography references to set the overall direction of the project. This style board will be sent to you in the form of an online style guide to review. You can request two revisions on that until you’re totally happy.

4. Step outside the box

Once you’re happy the style direction the project is taking, I’ll begin the creative step. I’ll start with your logo, creating at least three different options so you have plenty of choices. I’ll also play around using the logos on some of the other items you requested, which will allow us to actually see the logo options on action in some different items. I’ll send you the design options and you have two revisions allowed. Once you’re happy with the finalised logo, I’ll be moving on to creating the whole branding.

5. Plentifulness

After we’ve got to your favorite design, I’ll start prepping the final files, which means I’ll then take your new brand and continue it throughout all your requested items, from print materials (such as business cards and letterheads) to online items (website, Facebook and Instagram profile designs), completing your brand’s new look. You have two revisions allowed, and once you’re happy with all the designs, I’ll send you over the final invoice to be completed. Once the invoice has been completed I’ll put together a Dropbox folder with all your brand’s files and artworks.