about plenty

Plenty is a creative studio established by me, Camila Meyer. I offer graphic design, web design and creative direction to small businesses around the world, from the beautiful Byron Bay, Australia.

As the daughter of two creative entrepreneurs – a photographer and a decor stylist – I’ve started in the graphic design industry pretty early, by helping my dad restoring some old family portraits. When I was 12 I used to create my own notebook covers with pictures collages on Photoshop.

I’ve been involved with digital design for the last 8 years, and I see how passionate we all are about our own businesses and brands. I started my own studio to be able to focus on each project individually and make my client’s wishes beautifully come to life. I specially love the success that follows. Seeing how complete we can make things become when working together makes this my dream job.

When I named my little studio Plenty I thought of that as a reminder, for me and everyone I work with, that we can make things become amazingly complete together.

I also believe the work we create as partners should be more than beautiful. What we create together, from branding to websites, truly solves problems and makes things prosper.