About Plenty

Plenty is a creative design studio established in 2015 by myself, Camila. I offer graphic design services – branding, web design and creative direction to small businesses around the world, from Byron Bay, Australia.

I believe the work we create together should be more than visually appealing. From branding to websites and everything in between, the result of our partnership encourages meaningful connections and looks to bringing more sense into the world.

As the daughter of two creative entrepreneurs – a photographer and a decor stylist – I’ve started in the graphic design industry pretty early, by helping my Dad recover some damaged antique family portraits using Photoshop. Many customised notebook covers and birthday cards later, it made total sense to step with both feet into the graphic design world.

I’ve been involved with graphic design for the last 10 years, and I see how passionate we all are about our own businesses and brands, but getting your visuals to reflect what you stand for is easier said than done. I started my own studio to be able to focus on each project individually and make my client’s goals and ideas come to life – based on purpose. And I specially love the success that follows.

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