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Intentional creative direction to help small businesses elevate their brand positioning and connect to their audience

I like to think of brands as if they were people rather than merely providers of goods or services. This allows the branding process to be handled on a more human and emotional way.

Brands exist to interact with people, and this relationship is only built when a brand offers something valuable and is able to build trust. Your brand is created to be a true representation of who you are as a business, and how you wish to be perceived by your audience.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

– Simon Sinek (watch the TED Talk)

What is a Brand?

Brands are built from more than just the obvious outside looks. Your brand isn’t simply your logo, fonts and colours, it’s the entire experience that your audience has with your business. A brand needs to see through its users, understand their emotions and needs, and ultimately, offer value and connect with them at an emotional level. Therefore, before we jump to collecting visuals and sketching your new logo, it’s essential to invest time and effort to outline your vision, align your goals, and understand your ideal customer.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral is the collection of media – print or digital – used to promote the brand. It’s every touch point with the users to support sales and marketing of a product or service. It’s what we can see from a brand, and its design should be aligned to the brand personality and core values.

Website Design

An important part of the branding, a website is the online official HQ of a brand. It refers to both the aesthetics and usability and, here again is crucial to put yourself in your audience’s shoes to ensure the best user experience possible.

A brand can be defined as the perception users get from interacting with a product or service. How would you want your brand to be perceived?

What we will work on

Brand Strategy

Let's begin by setting the foundations: define your goals as a business, explore your brand personality, get a deep understanding of your target audience and prepare your brand core values. To make it all visual, we'll put together mood boards to inspire us to create your visual identity.

Brand Identity + Collateral

Now that we are clear about who your business is and what it stands for, we can work on designing your brand identity. We'll also design the collateral items your brand requires to reach the right audience, which could go from a basic business card and email signature, to a catalogue or packaging design.

Web Design and Development

With your brand identity strong, it's time to work on your online presence. Your website should be smooth to navigate, and it should look appealing to your user's eyes. We'll custom build a website uniquely for your business, and once it's ready, you'll be able to change basic things on your own. The focus here is not only on the aesthetics, but on the functional and strategic side of your website. We'll work on the user experience to help a cruising visitor become a qualified lead.
Your website will be custom built for your business, mobile-friendly (responsive design), and have SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) basic set up included.

Process: The Step By Step of a Project

Having your brand completely redesigned or trusting someone to create a brand identity for your new business can be challenging. That’s why I have in place a seamless and transparent process to guide us through the project, allowing us to get to the Launch sooner rather than later!


Hi there!

Once you submit your Client Application, we’ll schedule either a coffee date (if you’re based in the Byron Bay area) or a call, so we get to know each other and discover how we can work together to bring your business ideas to life.


Brief and Strategy

Here, we’ll focus on your business purpose. The branding project is based on strategy, so we’ll go through the steps to set or review your goals, understand your ideal customer, list your core values and unveil your brand positioning.


Visuals & Brand Identity

With all the information we gathered on the previous step, I’m feeling prepared to have all things visuals come in! I’ll work on your Brand concept to make it reflect your business vision and core values, always aiming to think like your ideal client would.


Online Presence

It’s time to get started on your website. Again, thinking strategically when designing for web is key for higher conversion rates. We’ll consider your business goals, user experience (UX), your copy (written content), photography, search engine ranking and audience engagement.


The Big Revision

This is the step where we go through the designs and the website, doing a final revision to ensure everything is in place. Then we get ready for the launch, the final invoice is sent out and the deliverables files are organised to be delivered.


Launch and Celebrate!

With everything properly revised and the final files delivered, we’re ready to launch! I specially love to see the success that follows from the project results. Hopefully we can work together again some time soon!

Let's Work Together!

FAQ: Branding and Web Design

What exactly can you design?

Brand identity, rebranding, basic collateral items such as business cards, email signature and social media profile images, flyers, brochures, advertisements, social media templates, packaging design, websites, and plenty more!

What industries do you work with?

I don’t limit the clients I work with to a specific sector. I believe that working with clients from different industries allows me to think outside the box and see each business with fresh eyes. Throughout the years I have worked with multiple service-based businesses including chefs and restaurateurs, health care practitioners, tourism and accomodation, architects, beauty salons, and also some product-based businesses such as health foods and sustainable products. Check out my latest work to get a better understanding.

I think I just need a logo…

You may think that ‘just a logo’ will do the job for you, but your logo is only a small piece of your Brand Identity. To have a strong and cohesive brand for years to come, your business needs supporting features such as fonts, colour palette, graphics and basic collateral to optimise communication between you and your ideal customer. I believe that if you’re in business to truly connect with your audience, understand what they are looking for and provide notable solutions, then defining your positioning and core values from a strategic angle may open your eyes for opportunities you weren’t previously considering. I am committed to deliver a custom made brand package that is consistent and practical to implement, making your business attract and connect to the right people.

Can we work together if I already have a logo?

Possibly. Since my goal is to ensure that your communication feels balanced and consistent throughout all the touch points with your audience, I prioritise working with clients who are open to an update or refresh to their current logos to ensure that your identity is aligned with your business goals and will therefore connect with the desired audience.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Costs will change depending on each project. That’s why it’s important for me to understand your specific needs first, and then I’ll put together a proposal to send you. I believe that good and consistent graphic design is a valuable investment, and I’m amazed to see the transformation it allows – inside and out of the business.

Do you offer payment plans?

I understand that managing the financial side of business can be tricky, that’s why I like to give clients payment plan options. I usually split payment in 2 equal parts, one due before we get started and the second prior to launching. However, if there are other payment options that would better suit your budget, I’m more than happy to discuss them with you.

Is the first deposit refundable?

Once you make the first deposit (typically 50% of the total), your project will be guaranteed a time frame in my schedule and you can have the peace of mind that your project will get the attention your business deserves. However, if for whatever reason you decide not to go ahead with your project, that will result in leaving a gap on my schedule, and in this case your deposit is not refundable.

How involved in the process will I be as a client?

I often find that the projects with the best results are the ones where clients are willing to get involved. This doesn’t necessarily mean you selecting the colour palette and sketching logos, but it’s nice to see business owners engaged in the process of identifying core values and understanding their audience. No one better than you to share valuable insights about your business!
At the start of a project, I’ll share a workflow timeline with due dates for you and for me, this way we both know when to expect to hear from each other. I’m only able to get a limited number of projects at one time, therefore I expect clients to provide feedback on a timely manner so that I am able to deliver on schedule.

How long will the whole process take?

Same as the cost, time frames will be different for every project. Creative process times can vary depending on my current workload, client response and project requirements. If needed, urgent services are available at a higher cost. To ensure that we both have a positive experience and we keep track of everything, I’ll set up a schedule for us to follow during the period we’re working together.

Can we work together if I’m based  in another city or country?

For sure! Fortunately distance is not a barrier for most graphic design projects. With the help of today’s technology, we can have our meetings through video calls and easily share screen to allow an effective communication. I’ve been successfully working with people from many places around the world.

Will I be able to keep updating a website you create for me?

Most of the websites I create are with WordPress, which is a powerful and totally customisable platform that allows non-tech people to edit text and images. At the end of the project, I’ll teach you how to make updates, and if you’re comfortable with it you should be good to edit the basics on your website. In case you don’t have time or don’t feel comfortable to make updates, I’m here for you.

I’m ready to go ahead and tell you more about my project. Where do we start?

Awesome, I’m so glad you feel that we can be a good fit! First step is sharing some information with me by filling out this form. My availability may vary depending on my work load, but typically I’m available to book new projects 2-4 weeks in advance.

Have you got any more questions? As each project is unique, there may be some information that I haven’t covered. Feel free to reach out to me at with whatever questions you may have. I’d love to hear from you!

Ready to truly connect with your people?