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Professional branding for small businesses and solopreneurs.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a story, we offer professional branding services to elevate your brand and truly connect with your audience.

Your work has so much potential to help others – yet you still feel shame around how your business looks in the eyes of your ideal client? This shouldn’t be holding you back.

Your brand should be a true representation of who you are as a business, and reflect the feelings your audience is seeking to experience.

The steps for a memorable brand experience

Clarity and Strategy

The foundation of our custom branding is strategy: the overlap of your brand’s essence, your business goals and your audience’s wants and needs. Let’s get clear on your business purpose before anything else.

Creative Direction

Once your business goals are clear and we uncover what it stands for, we’ll get on the same page in terms of visual direction for your brand with a moodboard.

Logo Suite

We will design a comprehensive logo suite for your business. This includes your primary logo, secondary logo and a sub-mark.

Colours & Fonts

Your brand colour palette is a powerful emotional tool, as well as your font system. These will help direct how you want your audience to feel about your brand, while keeping consistency across your business’s touch-points.

Email Signature

A branded email signature with your business important links, to make your email communication extra professional. Simply copy and paste to your email settings – suitable for Gmail and most email softwares.

Brand Guidelines

Together with your brand files, you’ll receive a comprehensive Brand Guidelines document that shows you how to use your brand consistently afterwards. It includes your colour codes, how to pair fonts, rules on how to use your logo, and more.

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Let’s take your brand to the next level.

Let’s take your brand to the next level.

Let’s take your brand to the next level.

Let’s take your brand to the next level.

Let’s take your brand to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions – Branding

I think I just need a logo...

You may think that ‘just a logo’ will do the job for you, but your logo is only a small piece of your Brand Identity. To have a strong and cohesive brand for years to come, your business needs supporting features such as fonts, colour palette, graphics and basic collateral to optimise communication between you and your ideal customer.

We believe that if you’re in business to truly connect with your audience, understand what they are looking for and provide notable solutions, then defining your positioning and core values from a strategic angle may open your eyes for opportunities you weren’t previously considering. We’re committed to delivering a custom-made brand that is consistent and practical to implement, making your business attract and connect to the right people.

Can we work together if I already have a logo?

Possibly. Since my goal is to ensure that your communication feels balanced and consistent throughout all the touch-points with your audience, I prioritise working with clients who are open to an update or refresh to their current logos to ensure that your identity is aligned with your business goals and will therefore connect with the desired audience.

What if I need other items designed for my business?

All our Branding projects include the above deliverables, as we believe they are the basics you will need to get started and manage your new brand successfully. Each business is different in terms of how they function and interact with the audience, so your business may need specific additional items. Let’s have a chat about what these may be in your case.

Will I be able to create other items on my own?

You will receive the tools to work on your own (on Canva, for example) and create future items with the brand assets we create for you. But keep in mind that as much as this sounds liberating, it can lead to lowering your brand recognition if not done the right way.

If that’s how you prefer to handle things, we want you to be free to create your own design materials. But we also believe that, for you to be “brand-independent” and keep your brand coherent, you should have a strong foundation and understanding on how to keep your visuals consistent in the long-run. More on this on the next question.

How can I be coherent with my branding?

Building a strong brand has a lot to do with consistency across your visuals. People recognise your business by its logo – but also by its colours, font system, tone of voice and imagery style, for example. It’s easy to get lost in an ocean of possibilities (think all those free Canva templates!) and loose track of the foundation and strategy behind your visuals.

Therefore it’s essential to try as best as possible to follow the rules as per the Brand Guidelines we create for you, in order to keep your brand recognisable among your audience.

What will you need to get started on my brand design?

To get started, we need your business set up – with a business name and defined offering(s). A willingness to open up and share your story, goals and processes with us is also desirable before we get started.

Ready to create a brand that truly represents your business and connects with your people?

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